[Preview] To grow or not to grow: The founder’s choice in Vietnam’s public relations industry

Presentation at Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) 2020 Conference. Toronto, Canada. 2020.


The entrepreneurial factors that influence a company’s growth are managerial traits, motivations, and roles. However, as the characteristics needed for growth are different from the initial entrepreneurial requirements to launch a company, many founders find a dilemma of whether to grow their company, and how to grow it.
The scope of this study is Vietnamese small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Most business literature about Asian markets pays attention to China, Japan, Korea or Thailand, and overlooks other markets, including Vietnam. Among the lower number of Vietnam-oriented business research, most focuses on how SMEs can succeed in their earlier, startup periods and misses the changes of the business after its launch.
Hence, the purpose of this research is to study the different entrepreneurial factors that influence the growth stage of SMEs in Vietnam in the public relations sector. The research examines the common traits of Vietnamese founders, how the founder’s role shifted during the growth stage, and the motivations behind the founder’s decision to retain or release his or her control in this stage. The research also compares the founder’s motivations to launch with the motivations to grow a company.

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