The entrepreneurial journey in Vietnam’s public relations industry : The motivation, the role, the challenges

Presentation at International Conference on Communication & Media Studies 2021 Conference. Toronto, Canada. 2021.

View the presentation here:


With the increased importance of SMEs, especially in the Asia Pacific region, the demand for research in these topics continues to rise. This study focuses on the characteristics and motivations of the founders behind their decisions for a growing business in an emerging Asian market, Vietnam. The purpose of this study is to examine the different entrepreneurial factors that influence the growth stage of public relations companies in Vietnam. In particular, the study examines the traits or skills needed for a founder to control his company, how the founder’s role shifted during the growth stage, and the motivations behind the founder’s decision to retain or release his or her control in this stage. The study also compares the founder’s motivations to launch with the motivations to grow a company. This study applied the inductive, grounded theory approach, with a series of in-depth, semi-structured interviews with the founders of Vietnamese public relations agencies in Vietnam. The data were analyzed and sorted into themes and concepts. This study contributes to the scholarship of entrepreneurship and SMEs, as well as to advise nascent entrepreneurs in Vietnam, especially those in the public relations sector. As founders in this industry are mostly public relations practitioners without a business management background or experience, understanding what lies ahead in the start-up venture will help them better prepare themselves and avoid failure early in their business.

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