Email marketing best practices 2022

A quick interview for an episode of DesignRush QuickSights. We are discussing email marketing best practices 2022 and how email marketing works.

Email marketing offers a personalized experience that every brand needs in this customer-centric world. And I’d like to share with you some best practices to consider for your email marketing campaigns in 2022:

1. Creating personalized content. The ability to create a touchpoint through the customer’s email inbox creates an intimate vibe for the brand’s message, and this makes email marketing a win over other marketing methods. Email personalization starts from the email’s headline and runs through its content. You can segment your audience and target them based on their behaviors. Based on the user search data, you can recommend specific products and complimentary services to increase sales. This is 101 email marketing for beginners.

2. Be regular with your content so that customers won’t forget about you. But remember, don’t engage in hard-sell content that could trigger a spam flag or unsubscription. It shouldn’t be all about branding and promotion. You can add user-generated content to show appreciation to your customers. Moreover, showcasing genuine feedback will add more credibility to your email marketing strategy.

3. Measure the campaigns’ performance. You should monitor email marketing metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc. to evaluate the campaign performance and discover what clicks with your audience.

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