Assessing entrepreneurial motivations: From the perspectives of Vietnamese founders in the public relations industry

Presentation at the ninth International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Business Management (ICEBM). Jakarta, Indonesia. 2020.

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With the increased importance of SMEs, especially in the Asia Pacific region, the demand for research in these topics continues to rise. The focus of this study is on the motivations of the founders behind their decisions for a growing business in an emerging Asian market, Vietnam.
The findings of this study present that the public relations founders in Vietnam are generally driven by the accomplishments and challenges picked up from the entrepreneurial journey. They are not as focused on company control or economic gain from founding a company. They are also open to delegating their role to a professional manager, who already possesses the required management skills, to support the business.
This study contributes to the scholarship of entrepreneurship and SMEs by exploring the entrepreneurial experience and decisions during the company growth stage. It challenges the assumption that entrepreneurs pursue growth and usually experience the growth versus delegation crisis.

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