HUB – Cleantech Southeast Asia [Q3 2022]

Recently, my company EloQ Communications partnered with Southeast Asia Cleantech HUB, the first magazine focusing on cleantech in the region, to offer the latest insights and practical case studies on cleantech innovation, green lifestyle, net-zero challenge, and global climate issues. Southeast Asia Cleantech Hub delivers content that will benefit both the private and government sectors to identify new trends and technologies. We are the local correspondent in Vietnam for the magazine.

HUB’s quarterly content will be posted here at Clāra’s Insights as well as EloQ’s Blog.

In this issue:

  • OnePointFive: Decarbonising Updates & Events
  • AGRI-TECH: Western Sydney University Creates Agri Tech Hub
  • CARBON CAPTURE: Climeworks Leads Trillion-Dollar Market
  • RENEWABLES: Integrating Renewables Into Public Spaces
  • ENERGY STORAGE: Antora Energy Builds Giant Toaster Oven
  • WASTE TO ENERGY: HomeBiogas Product
  • EV ROADWAYS &WATERWAYS: Thailand Positions Itself as Asia’s EV Manufacturing Hub
  • SINGAPORE PLUGS IN: Australia-Asia Power Link
  • THE CIRCULAR: 8 Questions With The World’s Leading Ecosystem Fund Accelerator
  • EV BATTERIES: EV Battery Swapping The Singapore Way
  • SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL: Offgrid Boutique Resorts
  • MARINE & OCEAN ENERGY: Wing Sail Mobility Project
  • GEOTHERMAL: Billionaire Takes Back Control
  • CLEAN DESIGN: Vortex: Wind Energy That Wobbles

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